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A few of the old mustangs appear to have changed the rear window.
It is a drag car but the first 10 min is interesting.


Sweet - always been a fan. Checked out the Factory Five Replica-Car at the factory - interior smaller than my Pontiac Solstice couldn't squeeze 6'-3 into the cockpit. A lot of cool features to review there - note the Gurney on the radiator exsit and the aft interior sweep on the radiator airbox. Good lessons from the past. Thanks for bringing it in.
Cheers - Jim
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On FB marketplace, in MI. $175k. I didn't think D&D cars were that expensive. I originally thought this was superformance, but read more carefully.

If I had that kind of money to spend, I'd try to get a Duntov.

"In late 1962, Chevrolet chief engineer Zora Duntov set out to build a production run of 125 purpose built Corvette race cars with the ultimate goal of winning the GT class at the 24 Hours of LeMans. The project was known as "Lightweight", and as they neared completion, Chevrolet marketing christened the cars Grand Sports. After a pilot run of five (5) cars, GM brass cancelled the project and ordered the cars destroyed. Zora put away the first two cars, and sent serial #'s 003, 004, and 005 to John Mecum of Houston, Texas who sold the cars to Texans Alan Sevadjian, Delmo Johnson, and Jim Hall. Sevadjian later bought the exclusive rights to Duntov's Grand Sport. The five original cars today are in private collections, and worth millions of dollars. A few select boutique builders such as Mongoose, Superformance, and D&D Corvette have opted to recreate the past, to varying degrees of authenticity. This particular D&D car has a full tube frame which has been powder-coated, sporting a full race suspension. Many components have been custom fabricated from aluminum including but not limited to the gas cap, engine and suspension components. The racing style seats are fabricated in leather. Simpson seat belts and a full roll cage augment the rigidity and safety. The car has power steering, power 4 wheel disc brakes, power windows, and vintage air conditioning, making it a gentleman's racer. Weighing in at approximately 2400 pounds and utilizing a TKO 5 speed transmission, this vehicle is truly one of a kind. I prefer the full length of the wheel flares on this car (see last photo of the red GS replica which doesn't look correct to me). I also prefer the full length side exhaust as many replicas use a shortened version. Superformance Grand Sports as a comparison, start at around $175,000 for a roller without an engine or transmission. When completed one will have well over $220,000 invested depending on wheel, transmission and engine selection, and a two year wait to get one. The original owner of this car spent $218,000 on the build. This vehicle is historically significant and impeccably done with incredible attention to detail. I might entertain a trade, but do not need someone to sell the car for me. I've priced the car well below market value to facilitate the sale. If you are looking for a well engineered, fast, and historically significant car, this will definitely check all of the boxes. Oh, and best of all, this car is titled as a C-2 Corvette (1963-1967), further augmenting its value."
Looks like he is selling kits on FB marketplace.

"Cheetah Evolution body and Frame packages available. Optional "LS9 hood bump". Packages are 14 pieces of fiberglass to make a complete body. Included is the Front DOT laminated glass windshield and a smoked tint, optically clear rear window. Installation strip and lock provided for the windows. The frame is 1 1/2" round tube with 1 1/2" square tube and 14 GA sheet steel for the passenger compartment. Bent in-house and TIG welded at round tube joints. Front crossmembers fabricated from 2 1/2" square tube and designed to accept 91-96 C4 lower control arm and steering Knuckles. Preferred upper control arms are SPC Performance adjustable. Power steering rack is provided and mounted. No other steering parts are provided. Front lower shock mounts are provided and would need to be mounted to lower control arms. Frame is bare in the rear so builder can use whatever suspension system they require. There are 4-bar link mounts provided on either side of the chassis. Mounts for fuel tank, radiator, seats, safety harnesses, door hinges, etc are not provided and will need to be fabricated. Package comes with body components (14 pieces) and will require assembly and fit and finish. Front DOT glass is provided as well as the rear acrylic window. Mounted strip is provided. Wheel base is 90", chassis width at lower rail is 48". Total overall length of assembled body is 11'-9". The weight of most cars when completed are 2400 lbs. Picture of roller was a build delivered to client last November. I dropped the engine and trans in for him before we shipped. Also shows extra LS9 bump on hood and how the windows look when mounted. Full rollers with differential included are available as well. This is not a kit car! It is a custom hand built car."
Yeah, I see that now. It originally had a chrome bumper on the title page. :)