Memories of my race time....


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Mar 23, 2008
Pistoia - ITALY
When we was racing in the Italian GT series with a totally modded C5 !
race 1.jpg

race 2.jpg

race 3.jpg

race 4.jpg

race 6.jpg

I'm the big guy with the hand on the haears!

Nice time................. but was to much expensive!
Very cool! What type of cars competed in the Italian GT series? Is the series still going?
I would kill to be able to tinker on a car like that, wouldn't even have to drive it..just mess about with it (and have someone else pick up the tab for all the parts LOL )

Simply awesome!
Yeah...... was a very funny period!!!

I had time..... not to be shared with a family because I was just divorced!! :yahoo:

Now I'm re-married.... so no more time!!!!:banghead:

The race was versus Porsche GT3, Ferrari 360 Modena, Viper and so on!!!!
Nice people, nice feeling........ very friendly!

But to much expensive!