Me Too!!


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Mar 25, 2008
Daytona Beach, Florida area
I'm here now, too. Hope no one will be upset that I'm joining this forum also.
For the few who don't know me (and my wild '66 "Love Is Blue"), I have what's left of my original 1966 BB convertible that I've owned since new for something like 41 years now. I've drag raced it, autocrossed it, solo raced and even did some laps on the circle track at the local half mile asphalt New Smyrna Speedway in what they call 'spectator races' where nuts from the grandstands get to race each other in round robin groups till only ones left. I was undefeated for a year in that with my vette.
She's very different from when it was bought. It's a full tube chassis and all home built. Check it out as time permits.
Glad to be here with others who like to modify them! ! ! :nuts: Glenn