Making molds

try, they havy pretty much everything when it comes to fiberglass.... they're in south FL, shipping usually takes one day....

for a mold release you could use PAM from the grocery store if you need something asap.... I've used it and it only takes a lil acetone/degreaser/paint thinner to get the surface redy for sanding and paint....
Late entry -- But you can get Honey Wax and a VERY Nice Epoxy Wax (Spray) from McMaster-Carr.

Several coats - 3 to 5 coats. Let dry and light buff between. Then PVA. (Spray on). USCOMPOSITES I believe has it. If you don't have an airbrush/spray unit -- get the Prevailers (Home Stores usually have).

Cheers - Jim
Glass in an air or water hose fitting in a dead part of the mold to pop the part out.
Carnuba wax is commonly used as a release agent from epoxy. I have used it with good results several times. The best source has been neutral color shoe polish in a can. You know, the paste you need to rub on with a rag and then buff. The content of this stuff changes, so best to read the label on the can. Paste auto wax also has carnuba wax, but again, read the label to be sure.

If the surface is relatively smooth, you could also use plastic sheeting. It will seperate from fiberglass resin and epoxy relatively easily.