LT1 intermittant miss....


Phantom of the Opera
Mar 24, 2008
NE Florida
been going on for quite some time now, finally got pissed and a break in the weather to pull it LT injection has an HEI up top and the manifold is highly modified, as a result.....

now after going all through the ignition I got pissed and decided to swap in went a set that came from a sealed can in the garage for many years....

and upon removing the thin/skinny injectors I found that 6 of them had a rather small tip on them, and a rubber O ring that made no sense as it was too small....but on one of them, the little plastic retainer was still on the very tip of the injector, and another one was stuck in the manifold hole, tried to get it, but it flipped down the screw it, and put in the new injectors that are much larger diameter on the main body....

SO, I assume all 8 of the injectors have now lost those little plastic tips down the intakes.....and no wonder the engine runs rough as hell at idle and needs ~1500 rpm before smooths out.....been all through the induction and ignition, no vac problems, no temp diffs on the exhaust pipes.....

SO, since the plastic is so small, what you all think of just let it run untill it's all burnt outta there, ??? what about it being tough enough to bend/stick to a valve??

and then to wonder just what sort of engine would those injectors be from because of that strange plastic being fit over the very tip of the injector. it has a hip on it, like it sat on a flange with the metal of the injector/pin poking through the also has the typical O ring on it anyone any clue as to WTF???