Low Weight Battery


Der Bismarck
Mar 25, 2008
Palm Bay, Florida
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I hadn't heard any first hand experience regarding those specialty type batteries, so I've just been using the standard lead acid batteries in the '69 and '84. During each replacement purchase, I've been comparing how well the former battery worked, and if I could go with a smaller capacity battery next time. I generally try to bring a bathroom scale with me so I can weigh the battery prior to the purchase. The battery that just wore out in the '69 is a 470 CCA unit, and weighs 27 pounds. Once I get the '69 put back together I'll be looking around for a 390-420 CCA battery that hopefully will be another 4-5 pounds lighter. Unless, of course, I hear enough about these other batteries to go the extra expense.
I was at a big airshow near Orlando last week enjoying all the neat planes and accessories. I checked out several aircraft battery suppliers while I was wandering around. I was surprised that nobody had any lightweight batteries. Most, if not all of the batteries that I saw, were 25 to 45 pounds. I would have thought that if there was any market for a lightweight battery, that would be the one.