Lifting body using 4 post lift: Ideas?


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Mar 30, 2008
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I'm planning on doing the frame swap sometime this spring. If things go well, I plan on just rolling out the stock frame from under the body, and then roll the new frame in. What I had in mind was using the lift to raise the car up high, attach the body (using straps) to the upper areas of the lift posts, then lower the chassis down, and roll it out the door, and then roll in the new chassis and lift it up to the hanging body. Conceptually it seems easy. My main issue is cost. I'd like to make a metal framework (rectangular) connecting the four top corners of the lift. The lift posts are 13 by 8 feet in separation. Two pieces of 13 foot long decent tubing aren't going to be cheap. Any cheaper alternatives? The eight foot sections (in front and rear of the car) could be reinforced 4x4 wood, as there's not a lot of load weight and distance between the posts. So, my main request is for suggestions on a strong, cheap support structure that would hold up the body weight (outside the doors) while being supported at 13 foot distance points.

Mike, I done this at a vette shop years ago, only a 2 post lift and swing arms...yours should be easier, or does it have ramps??? if it has ramps, well,

I think it's easier to just use a engine hook for the body, and have done with it....certainly do everything on the lift, but then do the chassis roll with the body on the engine hook/straps.....

I can't imagine aligning all that crap on my back or trying to do it with the car in the air either....

Starting to work on the framework and lift hook/clamps for the body removal. I'll be shortening the vertical piece in the picture and installing it under the horizontal pieces, along with some gussets. I've got a similar cross shaft in the front to carry the frontend weight. As you can see in the picture I'm just using my tie down straps to tie the load. We'll see if things continue to look like it'll work out.

I removed mine the same way except I just used the roof rafters to hang the body from then dropped the lift to lower the chassis from under it.
The only thing that worry's me about your setup is the angle that you are picking on. Your four by fours will be getting pulled into the car and also you will have a good amount of stress on the car pulling into the four by fours. I would go for a more plumb pick.

Well, making progress. Got the body/frame separated. Hopefully it will only take a couple days to clean and transfer the fuel tank to the new frame, with the main delay being stopping at the local hardware store to find some suitable replacement stuff that goes between the tank and crossmembers.



While I've got the body hanging, I've got the lift rails back up and sitting under the floorpan for safety, and to allow me to roll the frame back under the lift for storage at night.