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Sep 2, 2009
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Before you start on rebuilding your steering - think about how long you want your vehicle out of commission. I didn't. But - I'm smarter now, and can offer you some help.

If you are looking to rebuild your power steering - replace the idler arm with an original GM part - but they're out of stock, want to rebuild the gearbox, clean the whole lot up and add some paint after prep - well, here is another answer!

Buy my used steering parts that need the same job. Heck, they worked just fine - didn't tell "she-who-must be-obeyed," because I wanted to spend money! Silly boy, I know - but it made sense at the time. So, here I offer you the components for your steering rebuild.
Keep your car in service while completeing work. You keep the parts - cause you buy them from me. Heck, they need the same amount of work (or maybe more) that yours need. I don't need these because I''ve replaced them on my car. And, but you can have these for a fraction of the price of new one!
Did you see they want nearly 80 bucks for the tie rod ENDs - alone? And, try and get a remanufactured steering gearbox for less than $350! If you're patient and buy these - I'll even look for the old directions from the VIP on how to do the rebuild and you'll be set for your project - and still have your daily driver!

Hey- I'm gonna sweeten the deal too. Buy the steering setup, and I thrown in (figurtively) the power steering pump too. Heck, I won't be needing that anymore either.

Help finance my project and buy these parts!
These parts are well used - but servicable, so they are priced accordingly.

Tie Rods (ends included) -- $20
Complete power steering rack (as shown), 100 bucks

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