L88 headlamp bucket template

Looks great. I will be making my own headlights as well, so this template will come in handy. What are your plans for the lexan covers?
Molded off the original headlamp covers, that's what I'm planning on doing. The 90mm modules won't need bumps if my guesstimate is correct. I'll mount them with small recessed socket screws. Will have to weld some tabs to the bucket, can also be pop riveted no problem!
make sure to keep us posted on the progress. Have you considered usin the dzus fasteners to attach the lexan to the body/housing?
Dose anyone have any other templates for the lemans l88 lights

My eyes cant read the one here.

If anyone has any pics could you show them too

I was told that these were also produced by goldstram
Click on the yellow tab, the pic will expand to full size.

Check out V-Twins 77 pro touring in the projects section, the buckets are on that one.

Guldstrand sold these, Frank Gregorian (F Gregg) is producing and selling these.