John Losak PD

Geoff Coenen

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Apr 17, 2009
Stratford CT
One of my cop buddies died. My buddy Johnny Losak died. Only 63. Cancer. Retired 2 years ago from PD. He has a 68 Yellow 400 427 Auto Convertible. We have been friends for decades. I helped raise his spirits after his divorce. I was with him at the Russian Orthodox Church when he buried his father. Later that same summer evening we each took one of my Corvettes for a long drive, since Johnny’s 68 was under restoration. Johnny took my 69. I was driving my 56 & broke down. We fixed the accelerator link with a paper clip & had a good laugh. He had the perfect demeanor for a cop. Sometimes he would stop in my warehouse while still in uniform & if a customer was there – he would joke & say with a straight face – “I’m his parole office”. I’m so glad Debbie got the speak with you last time. We will miss you around our table at Thanksgiving & other holiday dinners. God Speed Johnny. We will miss you.

Deb & Geoff Coenen