Introducing: Worship79


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Apr 23, 2008
The Netherlands
Hello everybody! Yet another new member introducing himself and his corvette :wink:

Who am I? My name is Halim, 29 years old, from The Netherlands (born and raised): a small country in Western-Europe.

I drive an early/late 1979 corvette which I own since januari 2004. Besides my 'vette I love to play baseball (2nd base, shortstop, catcher) and read (King, Grisham, fantasy and such).

  • First owner was an eightteen year old Californian girl who had it for daily driving next to her job at the dragraces :thumbs:
  • Orginal color was light-brown with doeskin interior
  • She added white Le Mans racing stripes on the hood and white stars on the doors
  • Car came to The Netherlands somewhere around 1995/1996 where it was repainted dark-red metallic by the importer
  • First Dutch owner replaced stock, worn out cali 350 with a Goodwrench shortblock (190hp), but also put back all the smog junk and the stock heads, intake and such
  • Car has late model 3-door rear compartment but early cast iron diff
  • Most important changes over the years:
    • Edelbrock 1411 carb
    • Edelbrock 60909 64 cc heads (shaved 44 lbs)
    • Edelbrock 2701 EPS intake (shaved 12 lbs)
    • CompCam XE268H camshaft
    • CompCam 1.52 roller tip rockers
    • CompCam double roller timing chain and gear
    • Accel high performance ignition and coil
    • Hooker super competition side exhaust headers
    • Hooker sidepipes
    • Hooker reverseflow mufflers
    • TH350 revised
  • Smog junk and airco have been removed saving nearly 60 lbs of weight
  • Currently working on replacing the radiator, some interior electronics (window switch, power antenna)
  • Windshield washer pump replacement (small item, still a pita :skeptic:)
  • Future projects/wishes:
    • Clear headlights (with the pop-ups)
    • TH200-R4 swap
    • KB Flat-top pistons
    • 1.6 roller rockers

And finally, here are two pictures. SOrry for their size, I'll resize 'm later today.


Hey Halim, welcome :)

Early has 3 door compartments, lates have 2 (like all 80-82s). Good thing you ripped out that smog junk and got some nice engine goodies ;)

Hey Halim. Did you get that radiator issue solved yet?
No radiator yet, so many options! Too bad some ebay sellers don't have the decency to answer a few simple questions, thinks I'll go the more traditional route (summit or so) now.

@1981Z06Vette: no problem at all, business is business. :)