Instead of a jeep box why not a scout 2 box?


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Mar 24, 2008

Doesn't the scout box sit on the wrong side of the frame? FYI I had a Scout and the thing was the worst steering vehicle I've ever driven (no caster, frame flexed at steering box mount, front shackles instead of preferred rear type etc...)
Looks like it mounts outside of the frame rail???

Sure looks pretty with the anodized parts. What brand is the lower one?
That whole box is "mirrored" in design. What I want to see is a quality rack install, not some crappy Grand Am rack. I thought the Total Control Products Stang racks were woodward units but they're not, the pinion is a woodward piece and so is the rackshaft but the rest is built by TCP. I'll have to take some measurements off the unit under the Stang here. Maybe it will fit under a Corvette. May have to shift a bit because of the pinion offset in relation to rack width but it's center take off so there's no real issue there. Only problem, the rack is about 1500$
Marck - you still doing the front steer unit? I'm thinking that's the way I'll go once I have the funds set aside.
I finished that one a long time ago. It's fully functional. The only thing I have to do on it still is to fabricate some adapter blocks to reposition the outer tie rod ends. Ssince it's now front steer the tie rod ends have to be moved much closer to the wheel. Imagine them being on the other side of a virtual "plane" through the steering axis parallel with the car centerline. They are now inboard, they have to be "mirrored" outboard and then just a little further (to compensate for the position now being in front of the axle) Otherwise it's working just fine. I'm using some adapter blocks on the rack shaft ends too, this to move the inenr tie rod position a little to the rear (the rack can't go further backwards) this gives a better angle to the tie rods (seen from above)


It's a LOT of fabrication and cutting. You wull have to remove the compelte front frame extention and cut away half of the frame horns. I have a dry sump pump that's kind of in the way but without it you can use a single long steering shaft to conenct the rack to the steering column.
The same. Aiming at center of diff. I see no need to change it. I figure the guys @ GM did get the turning circle and the trapezoidal setup right.