I just got a full set of hawk blues for 99 cents


i got like 8 sets of dynalite pads all slightly used for 99 cents

i'll just rough them up with sandpaper and go.
No I left the single pin

Didn't you say there wasn't much benefit?
Convert to dual pin .... I'll give you $1.99 for these (for you) useless pads just because I feel sorry for you :D

seriously: sweet deal.... ebay ???
I think so

I'm not really worried about it at all right now. I have a lot of other crap to do first
It has the kit that widens the caliper, the rotor is probably wider also
But he has high quality studs so his setup with the shitty spacer is probably stronger than the shitty 7/16 studs that have been torqued down with an impact over and over that most here run. Still, those are indeed some shitty spacers.