I guess I say hi too!


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Apr 2, 2008
Hi, there...done ;)

Got tipped about the new place and here I am too. Good luck for the new forum!

Here is my ride in its current state :D New paint to be applied and truckload of new parts waiting for installation so lots to do.

Its actually aftermath of a small crash. You can see little damage on the edge of the hood and also some black from a trucks rear tire on the corner of the front bumper cover.

That is what encouraged me to take action on changing the whole appearance of my car. And then it became even bigger project ;)
Great to see you here ToniH! I haven't checked the rest of the forum today, but I think there is a place for your interior project pics! If you are going to do the exterior with the same quality your car is going to be awesome, and I know that is the way for you to go! :beer: