Hi to the Corvetteforum crew from the old days


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Apr 9, 2008
Marck invited me to join and I noticed that some of the Corvetteforum crew from the old days 98-02 or so are here. Some of you might remember the '82 1200hp twin turbo SBC 427 Corvette I build back then.


Anyway, I got busy last year with kids, work, home renovations, etc and haven't had much time to work on my current project, a '72 twin turbo LSX427 Convertible, but now that Spring has arrived here in Chicago, I'm picking up where I left off with the frame-off.
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I thought after almost 4 years of C3 ownership and membership on several forums I've seen all the insanity ..... I guess not........ :ill::blush:

welcome :hi:
Hey Monty :)

Do you know whatever happened to your 82? All i know is the guy who bought it had a full cage and a backhalved rear put in by behind bars race cars (it's in the gallery) witha new intake system and a huge air to water intercooler on the passenger seat location.

IMO that car of yours was one awesome sleeper, looked bone stock from the outside.

If you'd like you can post about your project in the project section and add the car to your garage. You can fill out the garage under usercp.
Hi Monty!

I remember your previous project from CF times. I liked your car a lot, I till do. Knowing that project I'm really looking forward to see this new one getting done!
I remember you back on CF before greed took over there. You do nice work and I'm sure the new guys will be happy to have you as I am.
Monte, a blast from the past....

hello man, we talking back channel....good to hear from you....
Thanks for the warm welcomes, PM's, and emails. I'm glad so many of the guys are still around. Now that winter appears to FINALLY be over here in Chicago, I'm planning on getting back to work on the new project, the '72 Convertible. Once I get going, I'll take some pics.
Hey Monty,
It's funny the other day I was going to post on the other site wondering where you went.

I am glad this site is up, Thanks Admins and hope we can keep it from becoming what the other site has turned out to be. I'll still use the other site for discounts on parts etc. but whenever you try to give someone advice you just get flamed half the time.

Hey monty. I definately was not around in the old days, but those projects are beyond wild and put my ambitious dreams to shame! Im a fellow chicagoan. If you ever need an extra set of hands (or a gofor) let me know. Im always trying to learn about these cars.