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Mar 5, 2008
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Vettemod is now 13+ years old. With age, problems crop up.

GoDaddy is going to migrate VM to new servers next month. Unfortunately, the version of Vbulletin used for this forum is obsolete and cannot be upgraded (because of some other programing issues). This is compounded by my complete ignorance of how this stuff works.

I am working with someone to figure out what the options are.
Good luck. I can’t offer any advice, but maybe some one else can.

Thanks for keeping it going.
Thanks for working to pull us through. I am not programming savvy at all, but you are welcome to use my universal computer repair tool when you get frustrated. The IT guys think its a 3lb sledge, little do they know...
Best of Luck! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Is archiving an option?
[Note: I know nothing of what I speak - just thinking out loud!]

Cheers - Jim
Whatever happens, my objective is to keep ALL of the information available. I did find someone that is looking at this now. Should know soon.
It's looking like the best (or only) option may be to transfer VM from Vbulletin to another software. I'll know more tomorrow.

This might be a good time to ask: Is there anything (format/style) that you would like to see?
VM has been transferred to someone who knows all the stuff I don't. This is a good thing for this site. The change will happen all at once so there will be no work in progress between now and then. Every thing should work as before, logins, etc. All posts and pictures will be saved.

Make sure your email address (you signed up with) is still valid.
It looks like 2022 will mark the end of the old VetteMOD and the start of the new. Stay tuned

BTW, Happy New Year:drink:
Well, you seem to be satisfied with the transition. So that is a good thing. Thanks for your efforts over the years.
Thanks, it's been a pleasure. Thanks to all who contribute to this site, I appreciate you effort.

BTW, I contacted Marck (Twin Turbo) to see if he was OK with this. After all, he is the one that built this forum. He is OK with it. He and his brother started a shop and he's too busy with work.
BBShark -
Yes, many thanks for all your efforts. And, glad to hear that Marck and his brother are busy, and no doubt well. It would be great if they could pop in a pic or 2 - I bet they have some neat projects going on.

Again - many thanks and Happy New Year!:thankyou:

Cheers - Jim
The new VeteMOD is here! Been looking around and it looks like everything transferred. Nice job!