front caster ?????


Heart Attack
Mar 24, 2008
Since i rebuilt the ft end over the winter and replaced the old springs with 550# springs because the ft set to high,the ft end sets down where it should now,it dropped about an inch which is great,but how come my tires lean out at the top now??:suspicious: i have put about 50 miles on it now hopping that it might settle a little bit,but no dice. Shouldnt the top of the tires come in from lowering the car instead of out?? is the front end of my car to light now?? maybe,alot of aluminum has been added to the ft which is why the ft came up. So i'm going to reset the caster,looks like i will have to add several shims to it,and what should i set the caster at??all street driving no racing,any help would be greatly appreciated
That's the camber setting, not caster. You need to add shims to the upper control arm shaft. As for caster, set as much as you can, meaning stack shims only on the rear and leave the front stud without shims. Check where it gets you, after that if you need more - camber start stacking both. You'll maybe get about 4 to 5 deg. caster at max.

BTW, read the stickies up top, there's some interesting articles there that may help you decide what settings you want.
Thanks TT,yes it was camber i was after i still get those mixed up after all these years :lol: for some reason the camber on the drivers side was way off but pass was good,but all fixed now except for that damm steering wheel it was off to the left now its off to the right :suicide: i will center it later.
do you have a front end shopin the area, one that does laser alignment. For a possible 80 bux you'll get the total alignment correct. One tire cost more than a good laser alignment.
I'm sure there is one somewhere,but everybody i have talked too either did not want to touch the car or wanted over $300 bucks to align it,so i just bought the equipment and do my own alignments :lol: It's not very hard and does not take very long at all to do:yahoo: