Front and rear bumpers 1976


Mar 24, 2008
western . AZ
I have noticed that the urethane bumpers like to ripple in the hot sun. Over a period of time , these ripples become permanent,, its like a wave factor. I have a idea I want to try,, Taking strips of aluminum and bonding them to the inside of the bumper with epoxy, thus reinforcing the edge areas which are effected mostly. This would keep the urethane flat and the wave effect could not happen.. Well, is it a good idea,, yes I know fiberglass is a better way to go, also very expensive.. Your thoughts?/?/?// I'm just trying to straighten out the problem and save money to put some where else.. I have the materials and labor is meaning less.
If you have the materials and time is not a factor.....................
Go for it.........will not hurt to try..........keep us posted as to your results.

Waves in a urethane cover are a pain to remove.......and that's on brand new
modern covers.........on a 30 year old one :confused: ............I think you'll
end up replacing it in the end.
I have done exactly that in the past, however it was to keep the rear bumper from sagging due to exhaust heat. Expoxied some stainless strips on the inside, worked perfectly.
Its the leading edge next to the hood on the front bumper that has rippled. The rear bumper, at the top of each tail light and back up light has cupped inward, If there was a reenforcment plate placed underneath , one might think it would stop ripples and cupping.I'm sure there are plenty out there. I'm getting ready to prep for a complete paint job, So I'm going to try this method,, if it works fine, fails , nothing lost.
I put a new urethane bumper on from Ecklers. Work at least 20 hours fitting it. Shaped the body angle and tried everything possible. Thought I had it perfect. Put paint on it removed from the car, reinstalled and guess what appeared. Slight ripples at the front of the nose. Go fiqure, thats what everyone said would happen. I not happy, but what else can you do.

Let us know if the support helps!