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An easy answer to this question:

"If you're not into street racing, why would you need that?" Riverside Police Traffic Sergeant Skip Showalter asked an enthusiast during a similar crackdown last year. "Why would you want more power going to your car?"


I want to knock .5 of a second off my 1/4 mile time at the Dragstrip.
Ricerville raid...nothing more to it...Mall businesses getting tired of cleaning up beer cans,trash from these late night ricer coffee can "gatherings"...
Ricerville raid...nothing more to it...

Jees, and I suppose the idea of building a racetrack so these guys could take it there is out of the question as well.....Sometimes I feel like I live in Germany in 1933 anymore........

Hell, I feel so dirty.:lol:

Street racing is akin to murder.:twitch:

That would make me a serial killer.:smash:

SAD that history is like a slo mo movie on constant repeat, but on an ever increasing rate....what has been happening is fairly obvious, given the number of repeats....