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Sep 2, 2009
Retired Again!
Well, not really - but if you're thinking about rebuilding your C3 brakes - how long do you want to be out of commission? Heck, the weather is great now and we should all be driving with the tops off and enjoying life. But - not me... I'm still working on my mods and part of its BRAKES!

If you are looking to rebuild / replace your brake system - but don't want to miss your driving fun at the same time, I can help. For your project I offer you:
Master Cylinders, Brake Booster, Rotor backing plates, CALIPERS, Rotors, Parking Brake Cable. These are used - look at the pictures!

You can buy some or all of my used brake parts, do the resto on them at your pace - weekends and nights if you like, and not miss a day of driving excitement because you have your car torn down.


Now, I got to say this about the master cylinders. One has never been installed - it doesn't look new because it has has been on the shelf a long while. Guess I could call it, NROS, New - Really Old Stock. Hey, it still has those little tiny buttplugs in it too. So, here I am offering you many of the components you'll want for your brake rebuild.
Keep your car in service while doing the service these will need for your the mod.

AND - what a deal I have for you. If you want to use these calipers as core for a rebuild at Vette Brakes or VanSteel, or other reputible firm - they'll charge you around 50 bucks each--Just for the CORE CHARGE. PLUS you gotta ship them too. So, if you want my calipers - maybe we could work a deal to ship from here. Now I haven't checked - but see no reason this wouldn't fly - and save you shipping costs 2 ways -- me to you, then you to them. You just pay me for the calipers, and the actual shipping from here to your service center of choice. We'll have to make sure they'll accomodate this approach. This would be a great opportunity for any of you readers overseas -- hint, hint.

If you want to do them by yourself for the fun, excitement, skinned knuckles, and swearing - more power to you mate! But the best part for you - you still have your daily driver! For me, I clean the garage, get "The Boss" off my ass, and some beer money in my pocket. So what do you say? Help finance my project and buy these parts!


These parts are well used - but servicable, so they are priced accordingly.

C3 Brake Assist -- $200 new 50 Bucks
Brake Calipers (all 4) -- $200 value as Core, 100 bucks
Master Cylinder(s) around $200 on one site -- $75 for the pair
Wheel Dust covers, $30 ea new -- buy my set of 4 - $50
Parking cable $65 new -- 20 bucks

Save yourself shipping costs - and pick up at my place! Fort Walton Beach, FL (32547). Right in the Red Neck Riveria- where Cash is King!
Contact: phantomjock via PM
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Actual Shipping costs - no hidden fees! Shipping combined to give you the best possible deal. Check out my other used items too.
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