Finnshark's project


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Mar 30, 2008
Let me start from the beginning. I bought my vette in early summer 2002. C3 had been my dream car since I was something like 8. Anyway, here is the car when it was still in one piece.


Just a normal SB vette with TH400 trans. With almost stock engine it was not that sharp as it should have been. So after couple of years of driving it was time to start a small project. Here is a pic of the engine bay as it was before.


I got a good offer of nice pair of ported iron heads. First I thought to change the heads, but then I figured out that I have no clue what is in there. So, the whole engine got out of the car. Same time it was easy to do some more restoration / updating with front suspension. I love these before and after pics, so here is a pair.



Finally after many hours of engine rebuild it was time for a dyno session.

I was looking for something like 450hp, but I was happy to find out the numbers: 487hp @ 6200rpm and 444lbsft @ 4400rpm. I was hoping to get rpm's up to 7000, but unfortunately the engine "died" at 6800rpm's. Now it has rev kit installed, I hope that it will lift the rpm's a bit. Engine hasn't been running after the dyno, so I don't know the effect. Good thing is that now the engine has been running and it is ready for hard driving in car.

Finally the powerplant went in to the engine bay:

Last, this is how it sits now. I still have some electric things to do. I've been also building fuel injection system, but it might be that I will run next summer with carburetor and build the injection next winter. I have also some more suspension update parts for rear suspension waiting on the shelf. But this is how it sits now.
Great looking blue shark you have there, as well as some good craftmanship going into it !

Looks like a 180 header system.

Got that right! Designed and manufactured by a friend of mine. Fits like a glove, but needs some mods. Alternator needs to be replaced and there is no room under the oil pan for normal power steering system...
This thread screams "whilimatit" :D :drink:

Another thing, can you send me the font (or font name) of that finnshark logo you have in your pics? I need a font like that for some CNC work and it looks that apart from the O none of them have a center that'll fall out.
This thread screams "whilimatit" :D :drink:

Tell me about it... Sometimes it feels that it would have been easier to take the body off from frame and do a total frame off.

I will send you a PM about the font.

Kid Vette, I have further pics, but on the other hard drive. I will search them for you.