Finally went to Fel-Pro gaskets...


Compulsively Anal
Mar 23, 2008
Lee's Summit MO
I've been fighting leaking valve covers for years on almost every old car I've owned.

People kept telling me to use the solid-core rubber Fel-Pro gaskets, but I would always CHEAP-OUT and buy the ole $7.99 Mr. Gasket cork ones... and they would continue to leak...

Believe me guys, if you haven't switched to the Fel-Pro gaskets, you'll love 'em.

High props to Fel-Pro...

First dry engine block I've had since Nixon was in office.:yahoo:
how much are the fel-pros ? Part number ???

My valve covers aren't leaking but I am using cheap gaskets and lotsa rtv..... next time I might use the Fel-Pros instead of the messy rtv...
Owled tymes are not forgotten....I used my last set of cork gaskets for anything but oil pans about 75 years ago.....

sealed it all up with RTV, and tossed the rest.....bitch getting them off there, but it works well....just run the bolts down till they squeek, and no game playing....but the head surface gotta be clean as glass....and the cover straight....

I paid $29.00 at Advance. But, as stated above, they are re-usable. Very tough and almost impossible to tear.
I agree, I've pulled my valve covers about ten times since I rebuilt the engine, you know, to polish the valve covers or check the rocker arms and whatnot. No leaks, not one. I can't believe it.

Technology is awesome!:thumbs: