Fender height and gap


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Mar 25, 2008
So what is the stock fender gap on an F41 suspension?

What should my fender gap and height be if I move to a 26.2" tall tire?
I think the AIM shows a couple of different ways to measure height but they do have a chart for the "J" and "K" heights for different suspension options. The "J" height is from the ground to the outer frame rail measured 30 1/2 inches back from the front tire centerline. The "K" height is from the ground to the outer frame rail measured 24 inches forward from the rear tire centerline.

L88 w/ F41- J=7.28 K=7.51
LT1 w/F41- J=7.12 K=7.46

This is with F70-15 tires. If you use modern radials, you will get more tire "squat" than the originals. For example my daily driver has 27" tires and the squat is 1 1/2 inches. I'll bet those old F70's didn't squat like that. What does that do to these dimensions?
My 78 FE7 with cut front coils:

L82 = J- 5.5" K- 6" (245-60's)

My 69 BB (Non F41)...

502 crate = J- 6 3/4" K- 7 1/4" (245-60's front.....255-60's rear)
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That interesting. Your measurements are about 1.5 inches lower that the AIM measurements. When I measured my Dodge Magnum, that has ~27 inch tires, I came up with 1.5 inches of tire squat. Maybe it is the difference between the old bias plys and modern radials.
My 77 has 550's(FE7) in the front with a 360 lb. monospring in the back with 255/60-15's all the way around. Top of the tire to wheel opening gap is 2 fingers.
J= 6.5"
K= 6.5"
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I know that on my '72 manual on page 2-7 under 'Frame' for that all '72 chebbys....that the drawings shown should be the spot on referance for the frame as the car sits assembled....on the end of the welded frame, not any side cheeks or other parts, but the forward frame rails themselves...the lower edge to ground is 14.375 inches....the rear thwart the bumpers mounted to is 23.5 inches to ground from the lower edge....

I feel any referances to the body over this period of time since built is bogus due to many collisions, and crazy crap happening to various bodies...rust, whatever....so if the FRAME measures are correct, that's IT...the body can be whatever one chooses....

course any suspension mods will alter the FRAME measures and obviously the body also....

measure of fender height is bogus....without knowing FRAME first...