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Interesting Graphic:
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Bet some rental drivers included in that summary!

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I can attest to the basic accuracy of this graph (although I think Kia should be a bit higher in that graph). Prior to my becoming a non-productive member of society, I spent multiple decades in a town with both GM and Chrysler parts manufacturing plants. It was common knowledge/experience that if you encountered an asshole motorist who cut you off, passed you with loud annoying pipes, or was just a dick behind the wheel, it was about an 85% probability that the vehicle had the words RAM on the grill or tailgate.

My apologies if I've offended any members here.
Cute, using Al Gore's "An Inconvient Truth"

Unmentioned - the added infrastructure costs:
1. Crash barriers​
2. High-rise parking garage structure​
3. Bridges​
4. Existing pot hole repairs not load bearing​
5. Garage/servicing personnel​
6. Disposal​

This scam puts the Obama Solyndra to shame:

Cheers - Jim
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So by 2030, half of all vehicles sold in the US, MUST be EV's. Or 6-7 million cars/year. To support this, the government (taxpayers) will spend $7.5 billion to build 500,000 chargers.

After taking office in 2021, President Joe Biden realized that it was quite difficult to force Americans to trade in their gas-powered vehicles for electric ones in places where EV chargers didn't exist — so he threw $7.5 billion at the issue as an "investment" in building out a network of EV chargers. That chunk of money paid by hardworking Americans was part of Biden's pledge to ensure 500,000 EV charger stations were opened in the U.S. by 2030. Well, it's now 2024, and Biden's forced transition continues to fail spectacularly at taxpayer expense.

As Leah reported at the end of 2023, the first two years after the funding was allocated saw exactly 0 (zero) EV chargers built, so at least there's been some extremely limited progress to show taxpayers that their obliged contributions to Uncle Sam haven't been completely flushed down the toilet of Biden's "green" climate agenda. Still, the administration is nowhere near where it should be in its goal of 500,000 new EV chargers by 2030, nor even the 5,000 stations that the $7.5 billion was pledged to create.

This is an estimate by someone who actually did the math for California only:
So, CA needs to install 2,200,000 chargers in about 12 years. To be generous, lets make it 13 years from TODAY.
There's 94,000 chargers installed. That leaves 2,106,000 chargers left to go. Only 162,000 per year for 13 years. 3,115 per week, every week starting today for 13 years. 623 chargers need to be installed every day (5 days per week).

This is a foreseeable/government disaster. One of many.
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Lots of ev news lately, companies going broke, billions on chargers, Ford ev dealers left holding the bag …
A new Fisker passed me on the interstate this morning. Poor guy, wonder what the resale value of his ev is now?

From Hotair

[H1]Poll: Nearly Half of US EV Owners Regret Purchase[/H1]
JAZZ SHAW 4:00 PM | June 23, 2024

Nearly half of American owners of electric cars want to switch back to traditional cars powered by internal combustion engines, according to a consumer survey released by McKinsey and Co. earlier this month.

The consulting firm surveyed consumers in multiple countries: the U.S., China, Germany, Norway, Australia, France, Italy, Japan and Brazil. Between all of those countries, 29% of electric car owners want to return to driving internal combustion cars, with 46% of surveyed American electric car owners wanting to do so.
This surprised the consulting firm, cutting against received wisdom about people's switch to electric.

Big backfire, boom! Our overlords will ignore this however, there's no money in it for them.
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Anything for clicks and likes on his videos I guess.

"If approved by the judge, Fisker would be able to offload 3,231 finished EVs to a New York-based vehicle leasing company for $46.25 million. That works out to around $14,000 per vehicle — a steep fall from the roughly $70,000 starting price some of them once commanded."

So not only is your new Fisker seriously devalued and with no warranty, leasing/rental companies will be dumping them for pennies in a few years.
47% of ev owners polled said they won`t be buying another ev.....way to go Joe, you are the absolute best at pissing away taxpayer money down that green new deal hole.
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