Phantom of the Opera
Mar 24, 2008
NE Florida
Ethanol to me is something of an anathema on a grand scale....but since I am apparently stuck with it, as my local stations are marked with 1-10% Ethanol signs on the pumps now.....

I would like to know the straight skinny.....I already know it's costing fuel economy, what is the truth on a DPFI car with modern rubber hoses in the fuel supply, earlier pump, and newer filters....

what can it expect to do to injectors,?? especially the formvar they put on the solenoid coils??

I wonder if some of my intermittant rough idle is not that damn ethanol, how well is it actually 'blended' or does it settle out??

I put in a can of cheep 'injector cleaner' and it helps as much as the 4x price Techron I used some time ago....only $1.50/bottle....and the engine seemed to smooth out almost immediately....

anyone else noting crappy running recently and is it related to the gas we forced to buy....

All I know is when that stuff came out, car fires increased. I BELIVE the new rubber fuel lines are rated for it now. Don't know about the mech pump diaphrams. I would also change the tank lines. (Rubber). I was told once the 10% ate the injector o-rings, but do not know if Viton is required, or what.
They claim that 10% Ethanol will not cause problems:suspicious: So, 11% will? Ethanol is reported to be permeable to all types of plastic and rubber. My guess is the 10% is just as permeable as 85%.

I am making the fuel lines for my car right now and am using all stainless. I can see the day coming when the only kind of fuel available contains some percentage of ethanol.

Good way for the "green" states to get rid of old cars
Darrow tells me the 10% ate his accelerator pump. Napa has some "resistant" ones.

What's gas going for down in Florida? I saw 3.79 here in Ga. today!

Bought some high test at 4.19 and for first time saw that damn ethanol sign on the pump 1-10% ethanol....MAY contain...BS lucky it's not much higher, but what do I know?? my buddy saw a small puff of smoke out the tailpipe on the driver's bank this weekend, and I can get it to do that in the drive, but it's so slight I think to forget about it....I was doing a pressure test on the cooling this weekend and it leaks around the water pump on front of the block....
so I"m really pleased, tightened hell outta the bolts, and worry some fall and a break in the weather....I suppose I could easily a/c the garage as the unit is right there, :harhar:
The rubber lines and all other plastics not rated for alcohol fuels will suffer. If you have not changed, maybe it is time. I don't know about the injectors, but my guess is that they don't suffer that much.
I think ethanol works great as a placebo for destroying engines. I've had no problems with it in either of my cars. Alot of the turbo guys out there are converting to ethanol, there are substantial power gains to be had believe it or not.
I run E-85 in my little beater truck,it's the only way i can make that Ford Ranger get out of it's own way,for a V6 it has no ball's.:smash:
When i first started running the E85 i lost 1-2 mpg after a couple of tanks the mpg is back where it use to be,also it smells pretty good comming out of the exhaust :thumbs:
The comp probably adjusted for it. Do you have the 3L or 4L? I've heard good things about the 4L V6.
Saw this while browsing this morning. Notice what it says about the equivalent cost of ethanol compared to regular gas to get the same mileage.

State prices: Gasoline exceeded $4 a galllon in five states, all in the West, according to the survey. Alaska had the highest prices at $4.557 a gallon, but that was down more than a nickel from the previous day. Hawaii is second at $4.445, followed by California at $4.062, Utah at $4.052 and Idaho at $4.023..

Missouri had the cheapest gas, with prices falling a half-cent to $3.52 a gallon. Prices in South Carolina were the second lowest at $3.54, followed by Oklahoma at $3.545, Tennessee at $3.57 and Arkansas at $3.582.

Ethanol: The price of E85, an 85% blend of corn-derived ethanol available to some vehicles, fell to $3.044 a gallon on average from $3.048, AAA reported.

Ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline but has a lower energy content and burns less efficiently in flex fuel vehicles. According to AAA's estimates, a vehicle that burns E85 would pay $4.006 a gallon to get the same mileage as gas.
I know this is verrry old, but!
Doesn't e85 work like methanol? If so, you will use more e85 to go the same distance.
So we're is the savings? I had to get much larger pills and a bigger pump when I went to methanol.

And does gas with ethanol 10% or? Eat up rubber. My 77 el Camino has not had any problems yet, but now I'm concerned
Looks like EPDM, Neoprene, SBR & Butyl are good with Ethanol

I don't think there is any justification for 10% Ethanol gas. Lower price w/ lower fuel economy is a wash.