Dynatech exhaust results


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
A while ago I installed a dynatech exhaust system under a CE C5. The system consists of stainless full length headers, a dual exhaust system w/ 2 cat cons. Also required are 2 wiring harnesses to reconnect the O2 sensors as the stock wiring will be too short. The air injection system bolt up (had to tweak the stock lines a little to mate up the little manifold on the end of the tube)

The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that all the wiring and such is plenty clear of the exhaust. Some boots for the plug boots are absolutely needed to keep them from burning.

The system is relatively easy to install, the instructions were excellent. It'll take some careful maneuvering to get the headers in place (after removing the coil packs and some other components) but it's very doable. it IS tight in there, there's not a lot of room in those engine bays at all.

The best part is the sound...oh man :) it's LOUD. The mufflers are stainless borlas (not part of the kit) and the car now screams, especially @ WOT. It also pops nicely (loud) under engine braking and closed throttle rev down.

The parts quality is excellent with neatly welded components.

The ground clearance is excellent, everything tucks away nicely just like the factory exhaust.





That does look like it fits well. As the sound clip is a bonus. I know some people don't like the sound of Borlas but that car sounds great.

Any under car pix?
Those "mufflers" look like Borla Stingers. I can vouch for TT, they are loud.... bordering on insane loud.
I have driven the car and those mufflers are ungodly loud. They were loud with the stock exhaust and with the dynatech stuff they are obnoxiously loud, the kind that sets off car alarms in a 3 block radius :D This is THE way to ruin a classy car :D Cops don't like it either. There's one big drawback, with the pre cats removed it keeps tripping a check engine code. It's the L & R bank pre cat low efficiency (duh, there are none) code and it's a hard code. This means you'll need a power programmer to alter the programming to not trip the check engine light.

If you want to drive with the misses, this is not for you. You can NOT show up at a fancy dinner like this LOL
If you want to drive with the misses, this is not for you. You can NOT show up at a fancy dinner like this LOL

Bullshit, the hell you say, gimme the keys and I show up to crash a Queen/England dinner party with it....:thumbs::smash::eek:
I am thinking about dynatech headers for my firebird.