DIY Jeep Steering Conversion Parts


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Mar 12, 2009
North Easton, Mass.
I started putting together a Jeep steering conversion but I eventually bought a Borgeson setup. This is most of the parts needed for a DIY conversion. You will still need hose, a U-joint or rag joint and a pittman arm.

The brackets were made from drawings posted on the forum and are 2 pieces of 1/4" thick aluminum screwed together. Tig-welding them would be even better. I have grade 5 bolts holding them on to the box but they should be replaced with the metric equivalent of grade 8.

I got the steering box at the local self-serve junkyard. This one looked like a recent replacement and wasn't rusted like the others.

I'm asking $150 + shipping for everything. Basically just trying to get back the $ invested in the parts (those fittings are expensive). Send me an email if interested. [email protected]


Rick B.

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