Dash vent balls

a/c car or not?? how particular about condition?? NCRS quality?? I have a friend up the road he maybe have something.....

dunno about price though///PM me for sure or I maybe miss this....
I will look I think I have the balls I don't know about the felt but I do have the tubes your welcome to what I have If it is just the balls let me know.

I do have a dash with the assemby I will look for the passenge side


Don,t have the balls any more but do have the drivers side assembly in good condition.
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Xander (vent)


This is a pic of the drivers side I have two of these but no passenger side. The pic makes it look bad but it is in real good condition and works well.
I will put this one in the mail tomarrow.
Ps I would have emailed this but it very large and I don,t know how to resize it.

I have both tubes and the rings that retain the vent balls. These are from a non AC 68 and they do not have the damper inside as shown above and both tubes and one retaining ring are missing one mounting ear.

Shouldn't be a problem to fix. I hear your brother is pretty good with this kind of stuff:wink:

If you can use them, their yours.
Darrow, thanks a million :) Thats the hard side sorted, the pass side is easy to reach with the dash in place :yahoo:

BBShark, I think I lost you halfway but yours has the door mechanism???
Broken tab on both tubes.

Broken tab on one mount ring

No damper doors


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Tube is on its way ( drivers side ) When you get it the shipping cost will be on it
Hope you get the passenger side I know some one out there has it.

Thanks a lot, Ill let you know when the package gets here so I can pay you

My balls were non existent, not just broken :)