Dana 60 IRS


Apr 15, 2008
I thought you guys might want to see what is probably one of the strongest IRS setups around. This setup is similar to Jim Moore's 67 Convertible assembly. I purchased the assembly two years ago from an NHRA class racer. I had planned to run the setup in my car, but life got in the way and I have sold my Corvette. I had the trailing arms and rearend rebuilt by Mike Dyer. The Crossmember Bushings, Trailing Arm Bushings, Trailing Arm Seals and Bearings have been replaced. The U-Joints are Spicer 1480 Non-Greasable units and are brand new. Almost all pieces are powder coated. The Dana 60 Unit is a spool with a 4.88:1 gear ratio. I don't think that you will find a stronger IRS setup than this. The assembly is ready to bolt in to any C2 or C3 chassis. I am asking $5100 OBO. If you want to run hard at the track with an IRS and not worry about the rear end, this is the kit for you.
Send me a PM or email if you are interested.

Yes Marc, it is most certainly a "hernia maker". :eek:

It is also almost as rare as hen's teeth. Jim Moore has the only other setup running around that I am aware of.

BTW, how is your project coming along?
Not, haven't touched my car in almost 9 months. The latest pics are in the thread in the projects section or the garage. So, you sold the vette? Didn't you have those turbos...and a buddy w/ a TT camaro?
No Marc,
You are thinking of someone else. I built a 638 for Dragweek, dynoed the motor, but now will be selling it as well. We emailed each other back and forth about SolidWorks and suspension design. I have been admiring your design work for some time. I hope you are able to get moving again on your project soon and don't end up needing to jump ship like me. I plan to get back into a Corvette in a few years, but right now I have more important family priorities to attend to. Please pass the word on the Dana 60 to anyone you think might be interested and also let me know when you have some new pics of your project.

The reason I asked about this being a Strange piece at the other place was that Strange had first introduced a Dana 60 IRS conversion back in the late '70's (is my age showing?), but I never knew how many were ever actually done and thought this might have been one. Upon more research, the original Strange unit had an adapter plate that allowed use of the C3 rearend cover.

If my HP officejet hadn't taken a total crap this weekend (2nd one in 2 years), I'd post in a pic of that one which I dug out tonight from Hot Rod Magazine's Corvette No. 2 (1978) article titled "Taxing the IRS". Note that Petersen has a habit of recycling catchy titles, so I'm not referring to the more recent article by the same name and available online, for any one familiar with that version.

Anyway, this "monster" is very cool, and if I had the funds to begin the kind of museum I've always wanted to open I'd buy it for display just to watch fellow gearheads drool over it.

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Thank you for the compliments.

For anyone wondering how this compares in terms of pricing to the strongest assembly that Tom's offers, here is the breakdown:

12 Bolt 3rd member $2900
1480 Axle Kit $2255
H.D. Rear Cover $ 130
Assemble Trailing Arms $ 325
Crossmember Locator Kit $ 74
Rear Camber Control Rods $321
Total $6005

Other items included:
Poly Diff Bushing Kit (Eckler's) $ 25
Crossmember Cushions (Eckler's) $120
Spring Bolts - Long (Eckler's) $ 20
Grand Total $6170

Ultra Rare Baddest of Them All Dana 60 IRS Setup $5100

I am inclined to think that over $1,000 less for a far, far stronger unit is a pretty good bargain and don't forget the :cool: factor due to it being quite rare.
How much modifieng [I think i spelled it rite] would I have to do to put this in a 81
Brilliant,could not be better, I take it this is for drag racing.I'm doing a Grand Sport down under here in New Zealand just a few pics for you.:thumbs:A lot of work so far.


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