Custom true dual exhaust for late C3s


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
This is an equal length true dual 2.75" stainless exhaust for a lte C3. The stock crossmember was notched for the drivers side pipe. This was the only way to get an equal length system without snaking the pipes around.

The system has 2 small cat cons.



I like that you didn't run it through those holes. That's :1st: That's waaay too close to the tranny and they make install/removal a PITA. I like the X pipe too. Did you fabricate it yourself?

I specifically made mine without the X pipe, us guys here like the unequalized divided exhaust sound :):yahoo:
I agree about the transmission clearance issues...much more of a problem with 3 inch pipe. All my pieces came from Jegs, even the X-pipe. Cost all of $170 USD to my door. All cut and welded by me. (Read "too cheap to have someone do it for me"). The X-pipe helps mellow the Hooker Max-Flows a little, and adds integrity to the whole assembly.
:stirpot: My exahust guy down the street here does decent work, not mandrel bent, but it works good, and he is cheeeeeep....all the cars in 1/2 of Jax go to him for work, booked up solid...trucks, vettes, name it....