Custom headlights project


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
I'm working on some custom headlights for V-Twins 77. They are based on L88/LeMans style buckets but they are my own design.

Here's what I came up with, it uses Hella 90mm modules. I'll incorporate Xenon into this for some more candle power and lower amp usage.

The covers will be made out of lexan, contoured on some original head lamp lids. Nothing worse than flat sheets of lexan which do not conform to the body lines.

The design (& quick renderings)





These are the projector modules:



Here's one of the buckets:


Here it is, temporarily in place. Still missing the header bar, I've got a new one now but when I went to bond it in sure enough the hardener of my epoxy putty looked funny and grainy. I did a test batch first to make sure it was still okay and the next day it was still soft and tacky. So, I have to get some new epoxy adhesive first.


It took quite a bit of trimming. The design was made too large on the curved sides on purpose so it can be trimmed down for a perfect fit. There still needs to be a bit of trimming done here and there, especially in the curved parts.


After that I'll have to cut holes, one large and 3 small ones per lamp for the 3 adjusters. They have black sockets that easily snap in place. The xenon ballasts will be mounted on the bucket underside most likely.
CAE rocks...

Headlights are WAYYY down on my list. :evil:

I will have to do something so until then I try not to do a ton of night time on back country roads on moonless nights.

I do have some experience though... I've a lot of hours VFR at night :banghead:
And for those who wish to retain the pop-up headlights but don't want them to come up as high. Here is a design using the Hella modules, headlight doors open about half way.




And for those who wish to retain the pop-up headlights but don't want them to come up as high. Here is a design using the Hella modules, headlight doors open about half way.

Now this is exactly what I had in mind for the son's car.......
But using the small rectangular instead of round.
Got anymore pics? ......... Details? :bounce:
The rectangular headlights would be easier because they are shallower. That's less cutting on the doors for the connector than the Hellas, which are pretty long. The other thing I changed is the actuator link. There is a 1/4 steel "leg" attached to the door. It goes over center to lock the door in place. I shortened this link so that it does not come up so far before locking. I have some drawings of what I did. I'll see if I can find them. Of course, you will have to make new bezels.
This shows a picture of the stock link (in red) and the new link (in blue). My headlights are designed to come up 4 inches.


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Thanks, Looks like the mod will be a lot simpler than I first thought.
Hear are my headlight trays, modded Ecklers for more modern look....


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They all look good!Man,I luv to see fresh ideas and new things.
And for those who wish to retain the pop-up headlights but don't want them to come up as high. Here is a design using the Hella modules, headlight doors open about half way.

I really like the look of this mod. Do you have any pics of them installed and open? Do you have more info on what you did?
Here are some pix of the headlights in the openings. Paint and exterior stuff is last on the list so I have not made much progress.


So basically, new Hella units and shorten the link is all there is to it? What Hella's did you use?

The Hella units I used are the same as TT posted above. I did have to cut a hole in the door behind the headlights. The Hella units are deeper and the center of the headlight is now moved up. Shortening the link will alter door open height and still retain the toggle lock feature of the linkage.
Larry, did you bolt them down or is that temporary? Hella sells sets of adjuster screws. The screw has a plastic body that bayonet lock into the ears of your lamp unit (you only need 3 per unit obviously) and they have plastic cups that you can put into the frame, that way you can adjust them.
The part # for the adjusters is 9XB 152 977-001 (set of 3 screws, for 1 lamp unit). They fit units 008 193/008 194 (normal & xenon kit)
I did get the screw adjuster kit with my lamps. I ordered them from Summit but I don't think they carry them anymore. Right now I have them mounted with poly grommets (for the "swivel") and 10-32 screws into the back plate on the door. Not sure what I will do in the end.
If you are not using the screw sets, I'm looking for some LOL. Hella is a German brand but be damned if I can get the screws here. I'm lacking 4 of them. I found them in the UK, the US but here?.... noooooo....they only sell junk here I swear!
Looks like it's your lucky day! The ones I have are 152-977-02, ball on one end and hex on other. A plastic bayonet nut on the screw and a split plastic ball socket for each screw. Sound like what you need?