Courtesy Dimmer


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Apr 6, 2008
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OK, Uncle, uncle, uncle, I give, where the heck is the courtesy dimmer relay located in an '82?

Swapped out light switch, got lights, got interior lights if I turn the switch fully to left(or right, can't remember). But no lights when you open the door.

Thanks in advance.

There is a delay timer/relay behind the glove box. It is an orange box about 2x2" on the right side. Pull the relay and jumper the two white wires together. That should make your interior lights work when you open the doors.

If that works, then the timer/relay is bad. I didn't even replace mine. I like it better when the lights come on and go off with the door, as they should.
Right side, behind the glove box, on the pillar. It's a bright orange box. You're in luck, they're being reproduced again. They had been discontinued for years.
Sweet! I saw that thing, along with some other little electrical things all over when I had it torn apart. Bet I nicked a wire or it came unplugged. Did see a replacement for $80, wow. I think I'll take the Luster approach.

dang guys, I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I hope I can assist others on this forum.

I used the early C4 one. It's now discontinued I think. That one was black, internally the same boeard w/ identical edge card connection. The housing was different but could be inserted into the original connector by flipping it over (the anchor would be on the wrong side) and it worked too.