Carbon Fiber


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Apr 6, 2008
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Anyone with how to's with carbon fiber. Was toying with idea of coating my chin spoiler with the real deal.

I kinda know how to lay it down, coat with epoxy, sand, coat, clear coat, etc. BUT, what do you put down first to help hold the fiber in place? I was assuming just use some slow dry epoxy, apply fiber, mash into place, but then I saw some info on applying some type of black mastik crap that I have never seen nor heard of.

Dang, guess if I were a ricer fan I would already know how to do this. I'll do it wrong before I search out a ricer forum. LOL

Haven't a clue as to what the Black Mastic Crap is? Is the chin spoiler fiberglass - or urethane? If Fiberglass - you'd just make sure you prepped it first (put that in your plans). ANd press on as you said. If you want it real smooth could vacuum the stuff in place. BUT - since you wouldn't need the added weight (small) and agrivation of doing the work (unless you like that sort of thing) - you could consider the black Carbon Vinyl products out there - ok maybe a ricer style - but for the effort quick and easy. Besides, working with carbon can be a nightmare if not done right/well:
1. When you sand -- BE CAREFUL - you just created a HAZMAT site. The stuff will get everywhere - so wetsand and capture the slurry.
2. Dont cut the finished product unless wet for the same reason.
3. Don't get stuck with it either painful and hard to locate the slivers.
4. Use Epoxy or Vinylester only -- not polyester resin
5. Since its Epoxy - yes a clear UV coat is required.
6. I'd use a vacuum set up to make it as flat as possible and ensure adhesion.

Holding in place? Use 3m Super 77 spray adhesive! Works real good.
Just a few thoughts = having mess about with it a bit.
Cheers , Jim
Google and Join the Werksberg forum if really interested (if still online out there)
Is your idea for carbon fiber to just cover some of your fiberglass? Why don't you make a mold and make the part out of CF? Also, I don't think you 'mash' CF like you do 'glass. You need to maintain it's structure. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure you lay each layer down as tightly as possible. Also note the grain. Each sheet should be either 45° or 90° rotated to the previous.