C6 J55 Z51 package rotors


Mar 23, 2008
sunny Florida
it's quiet frustrating: on the Z51 C6 Corvettes GM decided to put only driver side rotors on the car, meaning that the cooling airflow on the passenger side only works when you're driving in reverse... plus it looks stupid...

ordered Powerstop KOE 4400 kit from Rockauto, same junk, four driver side rotors although their photo shows left/right specific rotors.
I have three other cars here with Powerstop rotors and all three are left/right specific, currently in the painful process of returning this kit

so... what about Brakemotive or R1Concepts ? emailed both but no clear answer if theirs is directional, same rotor left/right etc...

who makes a set of rotors for the J55 brake option that doesn't look like a 9 year old put the wrong rotors on the passenger side of the car?
I have C6 front rotors and I was able to find L&R directional but they are really rare for any car. They are Centric Parts 227.62059L and 227.6206R StopTech C-Tek Sport Drilled/Slotted. My rear rotors are Mercedes and the factory rotors are the same drill and vent pattern. I used a center drill to make them look left and right by drilling between the rows of holes. So it looks like /\/\/\/\/\ instead of / / / / / /
Amazon has these but they say don't fit the Z51 model, are these for the base model with smaller rotors ?
cool ?

I got confirmation that the Brakemotive rotors for the Z51 are also correct left/right, these are $150 for all four ... about the same as the Centric rotors. Good to see there are good options out there.
ok, just an update: Brakemotive rotors are perfect. You can find these on Fleebay for $140 shipped for all four, they are left/right specific unlike the stock GM J55/Z51 brakes, these are avaibale for C5, C6 etc, I'm going to use Autozone Duralast ceramic pads because they're low dust (going to put black rims on and don't want to have to clean them every 3 days) ... so I got four rotors and pads for just under $250 and these rotors don't look like you put them on backwards... highly recommended ?