C4 Front Hub Difference


Mar 23, 2008
On a C4, are speed sensor front hubs interchangeable with the earlier front hubs?
The spindels are different for 84-87 & 88-96. the abs came in 90? And the 90 up have a bearing assy w/ sensor & reluctor ring so the obvious conclusion would be that they are interchangable. The difference in the spindle is primarily for the wider bolt pattern of the later brake calipers.
My '87 had ABS, I even remember triggering it once on ice and snow....

think it was the only car I ever had that came with it....
OH, see...I don't know squat about those C4s :D What came in 90 then? Active Handling or something?
Front wheel bearings, 1984-1990, same part number.
No ABS sensor on the wheel bearing assembly.

Front wheel bearings, 1991-1996, same part number.
ABS sensor on the wheel bearing assembly.

Rear wheel bearings, 1984-1996, same part number.

There are 5 variations of the steering knuckle.
1984-87 are interchangable if the matching caliper bracket is used.

1984 - original design.
1985 - Larger mounting holes for the brake caliper bracket. ( M14 bolts instead of M12 )
1986-87 - With ABS sensor.
1988-90 - Different wheel offset and larger brakes.
1991-96 - ABS sensor mounted om wheel bearing assembly.
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