C3-Head light assembly alignment


Mar 24, 2008
western . AZ
Right headlight sticking when lights are turned off,, the edge of the door is hitting when closing,, are there adjusters to keep the door aligned? or can it be shimmed? The assembly sticks and then slams shut,, One time I pushed on it and it slammed close, I'm glad I didn't have my fingers in the wrong place,, it would have smashed them. any help before I tear into this??
Yes, there are stops on the headlight door pivot pins, they have a small set screw in them, loosen it on both sides and you can move the headlight door inboard/outboard.

Fore aft adjustment is done by the 3 bolts around the pivots, they have some adjustment in them. You can also move the entire assembly, there are 2 bolts on the nose bar and 3 on the header bar, loosen them and you will be able to move the whole headlamp assembly a little to align it properly.