C3 Dyno Runs with some Motor Details


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Mar 26, 2008
A couple weeks back we had an event here in SoCal put together by big2bird for C123s. One day we got to run a bunch of C3s with widely varying motor setups on the dyno. Here's the results. CA Scottie hasn't put it in his motor details yet, but bird knows all about that motor I think.

Any of you other guys see yourself on here, feel to fill in more info about the motor.

torqvette a.k.a. enkeivette Vette/Motor Details
CA Scottie a.k.a. stingin71 Vette/Motor Details
easyasone2three Stock BBC
SteveJ Stock L48
TimAT (old) LS7 with ZL1 bits, hi comp
Vettezuki a.k.a., uh, Vettezuki Vette/Motor Details
Darrow BBC
SPF72 Rebuilt stock SBC?
red cherryBBC