C-4 electric seat wiring diagram, litte help


Mar 24, 2008
western . AZ
I just acquired a set of C-4 electric seats 1995,, I have the harness and connectors, I need a wiring diagram so I can make them functional,, thanks for the help,,, if you put a set in your car,, how difficult was it to bolt them in?

Rich, I can get a wiring from '87 no sweat, but I gotta know what switch is where on the seats themselves....

I THINK there are only 2 main wires going there +12 at 30? amps, and then of course ground, assuming it's a fiberglass mount/floorboard of some sort....

can't imagine any more....but that also assumes ALL the switches are in the seats, not on the door/console some such, as my '87 had...think the bolsters were console operated??? something was....

gimme a total list of switches and crap, examine them, but first whip out the existing seats and slip one in to see what is....

especially on seating position for YOU....

as you know, I modded HELL out of my interior to get the car to acclimate ME, being ornery I don't wanna tolerate uncomfy.....too boot I got too much time on my hands.....

love being semi retired.....ehhehehehe:hi::shocking:
I just got a eye opener, one guy said the seat are too tall and the electric rails have to be removed and the front mounting flange cut down,,, now that was a kick in the lower, any way ,
There are two switches, one in each seat bolster right and leaft side of the seat, One pulg has two pins, the other plug six pins. I guess lombard, window, seat forward and back ,, seat up and down,, possible door lock. Like I said ,, each seat bolster has a switch plate.
84 power seat, maybe it's the same?

Thank you for posting the diagram,, I'll check it out today. It is a little disturbing to find out, I may not be able to install the seats with the electric drive rails. To get the electric rails in, I would have to redesign and lower the existing floor. One guy on DC posted some pic's of his install and it looks really great but no electric drive.
I might have to use my manual rails to lower the seat.

Seems like every time I get into one of these mods, its a major mountain to climb. I think GM used the 77 car as a on the road R&D project car!

Thanks again Wayne