Best way to remove tack welded oil pickup?


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Mar 27, 2008
I decided to go ahead and replace the oil pump as well sense I got so much water in the oil. I am running a MOROSO oil pan which requires a specific pickup. The Summit pump I have, I ordered with the specific pickup tack welded on. The GM Performance parts one I am replacing it with comes with a stock pickup tack welded on. What is the best way to remove these without damaging them so I can make the swap?

Die-grinder with a cut-off wheel. Just cut thru the weld, or at least weaken it to the point it'll break. Might be able to cut it with a hacksaw, but that'll be slow.
I have a Ryobi equivalent of a Dremel tool, only with ~4" diameter side cutter blades....metal cutting....anymore I use that as so much quicker and easier than a sawzall...but you gotta cut that weld....the work the pipe out...

be careful you don'tcut the pipe...obviously...DUH....:crutches::ghost:
Thanks guys. Last of the parts should be here NLT Wednesday.:thumbs: