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Sep 2, 2009
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I am going to part with one of my absolute favorite technical books. I have referenced a copy of this book for the past 50 years. This was my back-up copy, so it is time to let it move on. You have seen me reference it time and again (maybe not directly) in the threads on aero.

I'm offering it here at a VetteMod discount price of $100.00 PayPal, and you pay shipping so you can chose delivery service and speed. Yes, there are some a bit cheaper on eBay, but not as pristine.

The spiel:

Fluid-Dynamic Drag: Theoretical, experimental and statistical information Hardcover – 1965
by Dr. Ing. S.F. Hoerner

Book is in very, very good condition -- better than Like New. It was published in 1965, so the dust jacket has slight wear on edges and a slight discoloration on back. Binding is solid and in as-new condition. A few pages (about 10) are slightly "bent" but not creased. No rips, tears, pen, pencil, or highlighter markings, except for correction made by distributor (address to order copy). One slight dirt smudge on bottom edges, but does not show on the pages affected. Smudge is about 3mm diameter (small eraser).

This is the definitive text on all Skin Friction Drag Pressure Drag Wind forces. Includes drag on structures and provides data regarding differences due to surface irregularities. Includes Drag of Streamline shapes Drag due to Lift and Interference Drag. Very good details regarding Internal-flow systems, radiators, etc. Also covers Hydrodynamic Drag fo Water-Borne Craft and Land-Borne Vehicles. Includes drag of Aircraft Components, and Compressiblity Drag at Transonic Speeds Drag, at Supersonic Speeds Drag, and Hypersonic Speeds.​

I have used the book since university days some 50 years ago. This has been my back-up book, hence its excellent condition. It only came off the shelf when the other was on loan.​

Available for the first several months in 2020. Then goes to eBay.

Yes -- Then you too can have all the expertise you need regarding fluid dynamic drag in YOUR hands! Please try and stay SUBSONIC!

PayPal - PM me here or chainplates AT hotmail DOT com

Cheers- Jim


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