AutoMeter instruments


Mar 23, 2008
sunny Florida
For the first time since I bought this car in 2004 I have working instruments:


Here's a template for the center instruments:

Two layers fiberglass mat/resin and some black paint with black metal flake clear:


Here's what it looks like when it's installed, it is basically a plate that provides a clean and flat mounting surface:


I added one more gauge so now I have six:


Here's the speedo/tach cluster:

I couldn't get the StewartWarner speedo to work and returned the stuff. Summit was very nice and exchanged both for AutoMeter gauges.

Here's how the StewartWarner gauges mount (the AutoMeter are very similar):


This shows how much plastic you have to cut. Used or repro instrument clusters are relatively cheap so I wouldn't cut up the original one if it's in good shape.


And the front:
whats the difference between water and cylinder head?

Are you really going to see that much difference in coolant temp in those 2 locations?

i'm curious.
The water temp sensor is right at the thermostat, the cyl head temp is on the passenger side head where the water temp sensor used to be... I have to plug that hole and screw the sensor for the cyl head temp into the head itself. i believe it's supposed to read metal temperature not coolant....
As it is right now they read about the same.
I kind of copied what you did :)

I still need to finish it w/ 2 window switches (not the ugly stock ones, I'm going to use modern backlit ones and control the windows via relays) and the lokar shift boot (and open up the hole for the shifter)

For a finish I wanted to do carbon fiber but the sheet I need is 700 euros for a square meter and the stick on fake stuff is so tacky I won't even consider it. Either real stuff or not at all. So I'm going with the wrinkle paint finish. Hopefully I'll have it finished next week or so.

Looks great, the flat silver finish isn't all that bad..... looking at that shifter openig: is that aluminum plate like 3mm thick ... wow...... but then: No radio ???
It's 2mm thick, the underside of the round hole has flared out a bit from the hole saw.

A radio? what's that ? :D there's plenty of music up front, don't need a radio. And i only have a tiny 55 amp alternator so I have to mind the amp usage. That's why I'm using leds almost everywhere and xenon lights.

The flat scotchbrited look looks a lot better in the pic than it is IRL. Theres dings and scratches in the plate and I don't feel like sanding them out. Also, the shifter plate has to be curved on the back, noticed that yesterday...the sides slightly curl down.
Here's the center console after fitting the face plate. The plate is painted with texture paint. I'm quite happy with the result, almost has that original leather grain look. It takes ages to dry but it works like a champ.

Here's both sides with the wrinkle paint. Paint is still not completely dry, hopefully this weekend the gauges, lamps and the buttons go in and I can :quote: button :quote: this whole deal up :) Came out pretty good if I say so myself

It does look real good.

What is wrinkle paint?

you can get that stuff here at HomeDepot/Lowes.... The spray can stuff should be covered with clearcoat with activator to make it more durable....

I think it's called textured paint.... not sure though....
that looks great Vtwin. always been a big fan of wrinkle paint on my motorcycles specially the jugs.:goodnight: did u heat the part up in the oven or a heat gun after painting?
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I did but that didn't work, didn't cure over night either so I thougt the paint was bad, then put it out in the sun and it wrinkled within minutes. The VHT wrinkle plus does cure with heat