Autometer 5" speedo and tach install


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Mar 23, 2008
Here's how I installed the 5" speedo and tach using adapter plates that I had CNC punched off a CAD drawing. I found a drawing somewhere (was it posted by you BBShark?) and my brotehr modelled it in SW. Below is a design drawing off that model, I don't have the original design drawing. The brackets will need a final trim for the 2 "dowels" next to the holes on the little tabs.

The additional little holes at 12 and 6 o clock are for leds for the warning and blinker signals. They are not needed. I'm now going to use them for leds for the signal indicators and a low and high beam indicator on the bottom ones. The measurements are in mm, if you need inches let me know or divide by 25.4


Here's how the adapter rings come out of the CNC turret punch:

Because of the jagged finish the ID must be touched up a bit, easiest done with a round flapper disc type abrasive roll. I just went over the ID to take off the high spots of the punch marks so it's a smooth hole. The gauge fits perfectly afterwards.

This system only secures the top part of the gauge pod, the stock system uses a small bracket on both the speedo and tach to secure the bottom. I fabricated some small aluminium brackets to use the original mounting hole (and locating stud) for those brackets and they screw to the lower 6 o clock screw.


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