Auto Cross #1 video... CanAm 502


Knows just enough to be dangerous!
Mar 23, 2008
Big Pine Key, FL
Just to get the section started...

This is my second ever auto cross run I got down into the high 30's at the end of the day. Nipping at the heals of the fast guys... All in 1st gear :eek:h:


I have more outings planned for this summer... :eek::eek:
My sound was on mute, lol :D That's a nice vid, pipes sound healthy :wink:

Those GT widebody Vettes are at a distint disadvantage on a tight course. Little sports cars can go straight thru the turns, we have to carefully drive around those cones. LOL! Love the music (pipes). Glenn
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I just gotta get used to the 5 wheel thing and not being able to use english :D

You know 2 + 2 + the steering wheel =5 :evil: