Another sidepipe muffler choice


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Aug 21, 2009
I finally got motivated to replace the reverse flow mufflers in my Hooker sidepipes. Classic Chambered has a new combo chambered/glasspack muffler for stock style side pipes they call Vettepacks. They sounded pretty good on the YouTube clips I listened to so I called Classic Chambered and had Eric build me a pair of 2 1/2 ID 36 inch long units. The standard Vettepacks are 40inches long. I chose 36 length on the theory that the longer the unit the more sound attenuation and 36 inches looked like I could modify so it would just fit in the side tubes. I also recieved 2 pair of Classic Chambered's centering rings from their standard Hooker insert products. I turned the centering rings so they could be welded to the muffler body. The lower centering ring was moved up so that would clear the kick out radius. The upper centering ring was moved down so that it was located just below the expanded section at the collector end. The last modification was to add a conical reducer on the inlet side to smooth the flow.

There are lots of threads here and elsewhere on inserts. I needed to dump the reverse flows for performance reasons. These new units flow a whole lot better and sound good to me.



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Nice, so you added the cone? good thinking, should help flow quite a bit. Kind of like the inserts I fabbed for those pipes
I like this idea, I have two 4" sections of perforated tube and stainless wool that I'm going to play with.. the Hooker Maxflows are getting a little loud and annoying. My plan is to use the sidepipe itself as the muffler body. At 4" sidepipe diameter and 2.25" perf tubing diameter there's 7/8" space for steel wool around the perforated tube.
I talked to Eric years ago before CC made the direct fit inserts. Actually I gave him the inlet and outlet dimensions for the standard Hooker inserts. I bought a pair of the 3" center bore mufflers, made the cones and had a guy weld it all up for me. Not the prettiest welds but it works. Been running them for years. Really lets the engine exhale!



MYBAD79 How long have you been running the MAXFLOWS. Why are they getting loud?
MYBAD79 How long have you been running the MAXFLOWS. Why are they getting loud?

I don't think they got any louder, it's just that after a while it's really getting annoying. At first it sounds great but after driving a few miles I'd like them a little quieter ...