82ce 383


Mar 23, 2008
Ok, I don't have any pics yet, but they are coming. We are doing a 82CE crossfire that will be featured in Corvette Fever magazine hopefully before this summer. We are also doing another 82 with a 383 that "may" be in the mag as well, not sure on that one at the moment.

The car is being put together by Corvette Restoration AZ in Tempe, AZ. We did the spec on the motor and is patterned from my motor in my 82. We are also doing the ECM mods, TBs and tune. The motor dyno'ed on the stand at 414HP, 496lbs @4,100.

Stay tuned for more info.

You can upload pics straight from your hard drive, just use the attachments buttons.
What are you guys using for ECM mods? I've been out fo them loop for quit a while, is the prominator still available or does one need the moates products instead?
Hey TT (I guess I should do the intro first...)

The ECM is a 7747 that has been HAM'd, EBL and the Ostrich is used for tuning. We burned a chip and slapped it in to get it going.
Ok, for the hearing impaired... John. :rolleyes:
Ok, I don't have any pics yet, but they are coming.
I'll be posting them soon. BTWFWIW, I thought the "Worthless" smiley was a good touch and reminded me of someone elses work... LOL

Hey Marck, check out the info on the EBL here: http://www.dynamicefi.com/
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RLMFAO... Now thats some funny stuff John. :nuts: You gotta stop Plagiarizing my stuff though... LOL
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Tom, You have captured my attention. I need some educating in this area. What are the pro's / cons of going down the path of upgrading an old GM ECM (7477), with a Harness Adapter Modual (=HAM) an Ostrich emulator and an addon EBL vs using one of the latest aftermarket DFI systems. I guess you could include the Megasquirt also, but that may be a stretch. Is it just cost. Seems to me, If you have a new crate 383 motor...etc. you probably aren't worrying about keeping everything stock and why not just modify an existing harness to interface with the aftermarket DFI? :fishing:

Hey Gary glad to see you over here. :) Yep, it finally stopped weeping out of the box, but still has a film that I have to wipe off every once and a while when I think of it.

I read your TA article and was impressed, nice job! :thumbs: makes me almost wanna change mine out and rebuild them.

Marck, we used an RPM manifold on the engine dyno and to check things out at the shop. It now has an Xram version 4 plate with 2.13 TBs.

BullShark, I will post a reply to your question later this weekend if you don't mind... Thanks.

That's the Mobil 1, really the only drawback with it but not a big problem. The only other one I had that happen on was a BB 67 after it was driven 1000 miles in the very hot summer. I may look into Amsoil grease. I used it on my buddies rear bearings because that is what he wanted and it appears not to have the weeping issue the Mobil 1 does. The drop points on both are the same if I recall.
yeah, that mobil 1 stuff separates into grease and an oily substance that will wick a little past the seals.