'82 Power seat fix...


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Mar 23, 2008
Lee's Summit MO
Well, my restoration is "getting there". Lots of little electrical stuff fixed. Next project, power seat.

The motor frozen up. To be honest, I don't care if it works or not. But I'm sure it has at least 1-1/2" that it could move back. I'm a big guy and I need that inch and a half!

Is there a way to move the seat back on the track?

Is the seat removal pretty easy to take a look?

If the only fix is to buy a new motor I'll probably cheap out and live with my scrunched leg-room! :wink:
I really don't want to spend $100+ to convert to a manual seat adjustment, I just want to move the seat back.:D
If your motor is messed up, do you want to part with the drive cables? One of mine is kaput..the motor however is fine.

I'll probably hold on to all my parts. I may want to fix it some day...
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Is there a way to move the seat back on the track? YES

Is the seat removal pretty easy to take a look? YES

There are four studs that protrude through the floor. The nuts have to be removed
from under the car.

Note 4 holes in floor. 5th hole is a drain.

This is the under side of an '81 power seat. (Should be same as yours.)

Once the seat is removed note the 3 black cables. These are basically short
little speedo cables.


Remove the plate on the end of the motor by removing the 2 screws being
pointed at. With the cables removed you "SHOULD" be able to turn them by
hand and adjust the seat. Do not put weight in the seat while setting on shop
floor.....the stud mounts that hold the seat in the car will bent easily.
Once you have the seat adjusted to your liking reattach cables to motor
to insure everything stays put. ;)

WOW!!! What a nice write-up with PICS!

I think even I can do this one! (no comments please TimAT!!!... LOL)...
I really appreciate the info. I'll let you know how it goes..... ;)
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Just pull it out like SMYDA showed you, unplug the 12 v 2 lead cable connector, and clean/grease it up. Mine was screwed up also. Between 25 years of dirt, loose change, gunk, carpet, it was just fine after a good clean. Use a jumper cable to power it up and check it out of the car.
SUCCESS!!! I followed SMYDA's excellent instructions and excellent pictures.

I tested all circuits and everything gets power. Motors are locked up. So I went ahead and "drilled" the cables and lowered the seat all the way and moved it all the way back.

That seat moved back at least 3 INCHES! I can't believe how much more comfortable I am in that car.

Now I don't need to stop every 45 minutes of driving on a weekend roadtrip to stretch my legs!!! haha...

Thanks guys, for the help and suggestions. :bounce:
I've taken apart the seat motor in my 82 and clean it out, degreased and reassembled. It really wasn't that bad. I wish I took pics. My motors were real slugish before, runs well now.

A note of caution on those electric seats. The switch is hot at all times, if it gets jammed the current to the motor will continue until something burns up. I have an 81 that the previous owner put pull over seat covers on. You guessed it. The wiring under the seat was a burned up mess. Since you aren't using the adjustment, I'd unplug it just to be safe.