'82 Engine Swap - Crate Motor...


Compulsively Anal
Mar 23, 2008
Lee's Summit MO
Just doing a little planning for the future in case I decide I like this car well enough to keep it for a while....

Obviously the '82 has many computer-controlled functions. Not like today's cars, but still a concern.

What problems are associated with pulling out the Crossfire and putting in a 350/350 crate engine?
Get a FI engine, if you stick to OBDI stuff most of the wires you need are already there.
TT is about right, the only thing is the hood, IF you want to swap in a TPI, something about the air cleaners but having not done it, I can't say specifically....
but I know the TPI itself if a direct bolt on swap....

and I have mechanicals for sale, but no throttle body....mani/runners/plenum....
I would go FI if you can afford it. If not it's still easy to go carb and non computer distributor.