-71 SB coupe


Apr 1, 2008
Vammala, Finland
My -71 SB wasn't too bad when started but it came from Michigan and there was a lot of surface rust on the frame I decided to check it out. The mileage was stated to be original 36k but doesn't matter to me. I plan to drive it lot more (even if it was 136k) :D (the method of lifting the body looks kinda radical but nothing was damaged. Hopefully) :eek:

Finally got the body separated from the frame.

Found what was left from tanksticker

Nothing serious in the frame. Had it sandblasted and painted with 2 coats of POR-15 and 2 coats of POR-15 chassis black. Also sprayed rust-preventive coating inside the frame. This is actually the situation now. Now I have spend weeks in restoring all the other components. Have also the carpet set ready to be installed. Painting will happen sometime later.
Really nice project! Keep up the good work and let us know when the project gets into new phase. I love to see these things coming back together! :thumbs:
That frame looks nice! What did you spray inside? Looks silver colored?
That frame looks nice! What did you spray inside? Looks silver colored?

The spray is called (according to finnish-english dictionary) anti-corrosion agent. It was quite flowing and I could spray it almost all places inside the frame with a long hose. After it dried out it became sticky (I wonder why?). I drive the car very seldom in rain so this was just something extra to give me a peace of mind.

Now I have trailing arms in machine shop so they put the bearings and assemble the handbrake also. I will try to put the front bearings by myself and hopefully I will get the frame on its own wheels soon.

(Finnshark or ToniH, may be able to give a better explanation about the spray I used for the frame (or have a right term for it). My english is not that good).
Don't have pics at the moment but the car is on its own wheels again! Not seen that in many moths. Even got the engine/clutch/trans on today
This is about 1 week old pic of the project (sorry about the mess, still). I have since put the hood on and some other items too, so looking better now.

I have found almost all parts but can anyone tell where this part is from :confused:

I think it is related to radiator/support but where should it be or is it "bubba add-on" :D
Got the sidepipes back from powder coating today. It should be heat resistant paint but have to see if the paint is still there after next summer.

You are right mrvette, it is always cold here, so doesn't matter at what time of year I finish my project :drink:
IS THERE ANY other time of year up there next to the north pole???


Yep, it's winter for you all the time. You know that it's summer when you don't have to scrape ice from car windows every morning... :bounce: