1974 CORVETTE greenwood Ecklers monza coupe 28k miles a/c p/w


Dec 23, 2015
Here we have a 1974 corvette coupe l-78 4 speed a/c power window greenwood ecklers clone [monza?] WIDE-BODY styled, has been sitting for 32 years, escaped 2 house fires ,the crusher,thieves etc, was purchased from the original owner, speedo says 28k ans some change, was shown in the world of wheels a long time ago and won peoples choice a few times, even has the big Cobra C_B still in it[breaker-breaker 19] was an original red with tan interior..needs an interior,..birdcage has about a 1-2 inch section above the pass door of rust, cannot get drivers door open to check that side,frame rusted and will need repair or replaced, of which i have a nice rolling 1974 coupe frame from an automatic car, that is included, plus a decent 350 4 bolt engine for a core to rebuild will store car at its present location till shipping can be arranged or ti April 30 2016, title has been applied for and will take at least 3-4 weeks to return,...the note in the pics was put on the car a week before i bought it, i think it was one of those Nazi Corvette Restoration Secret guys, but that may be incorrect!!! ill take $5000 for the complete package and any thine else i can give towards the deal :beer:please feel fre to give a call to the shop at :phone: 603-673-0234:phone: thanks,...Havana a problem posting pics email me and ill send to who-ever needs some
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can anyone help with uploading photos, says that there too large at 2.35kb???....JPG from Kodak easy share photos....thanks