1968 Corvette Race car for sale


Mar 23, 2008
Has anyone seen the 1968 corvette racer on Feabay, Bet Redvette has raced against it or knows the history. Interesting history.. search 1968 corvette race car...
I don't even think that it has any shims in the front


I wonder my a lot of race cars are running power brakes?
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It would only take $100K give or take to make this car competitive in SVRA or VSCDA....thanks to Peter Klutt (Dream Car garage) and his "friend" the race director of the SVRA pre 1973 "history" is no longer a requirement to race...the description noting the car is medallion eligible is not exactly correct...I don`t think they do medallions anymore because race history is no longer required but if they still do it would be AFTER you take off the slicks and that Greenwood style front end those items are not allowed in gr-6...unless your name IS Peter Klutt then you can pretty much do whatever you like.
Look carefully at the bends in the upper forward tubes where they bend outward around the radiator.... NOT mandrel bent looks like exhaust tubing to me. :confused:
I would think when the widebody front end was fitted they did away with the radiator core support and added those tubes...